Friday, March 17, 2006

Quotidian Grace: More Than Whiskey and Shamrocks

Quotidian Grace: More Than Whiskey and Shamrocks:
"...While continental Europe sank into illiteracy and chaotic warfare during the Dark Ages, the monks of the Emerald Isle carefully copied and preserved the essential books of the faith and Western Culture. March 17th originally was the feast day of St. Patrick and marked the bringing of Christianity to Ireland by that early missionary in the early fifth century...."
QG has a nice posting today on the Irish and their contributions to western civilization.

I read How the Irish Save Civilzation (Thomas Cahill, 1995) about 10 years ago and was quite impressed (once my wife convinced me to read it). Her great-grandfather left Ireland during the Potato Famine, and settled in Dodge City, Kansas. My background is more English/Scots, but I can relate to the considerable influence the Irish had on the development of Christianity in the English-speaking world.

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