Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Gruntled Center: The Law is a Teacher

Gruntled Center: The Law is a Teacher:
"...Churches, in contrast to sects, do not and cannot take that approach. George is a Roman Catholic, of the churchiest of churches. They know, as George writes in the essay in question, "the law is a teacher." Committed conservatives will stick to traditional marriage no matter what the law allows. Committed liberals will allow and experiment with every possible combination that nature and custom make possible. For the majority in the middle, though, what the law supports and allows does instruct our sense of right and wrong...."
Beau Weston, at The Gruntled Center, has been blogging on marriage, and what it is and what it means in the Church and society. His postings of the past two days have been particularly interesting, and I recommend them.

Not everyone is going to agree with his assertions, but they certainly are clearly stated and well supported. His centrist approach should be carefully considered by all who want to see a way for the PC(USA) to emerge intact from our internecine conflict.

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