Sunday, March 19, 2006

Off to Los Angeles...

Monday morning at 6:00am I will fly out of the Columbia Regional Airport and connect with a westbound flight at Lambert Field in St. Louis. If all goes according to plan, I will arrive at LAX at 11:42, hop a shuttle to the Midtown Radisson, and be ready for a software installfest by 1:00pm.

If all goes according to plan...

Tonight shows a 6o% chance of rain mixed with sleet, and tomorrow has a 70% chance of a wintry mix. The airtime between COU and STL is only about 30-45 minutes, but in those 2-engine turboprop planes, it can be a long 30 minutes when the air is turbulent. (been there, done that)

LA should be better, and the software will be interesting -- authentication and authorization packages to help manage shared resources between campuses. The time is pretty well booked up, but we'll get out Tuesday evening for dinner on the town.

Wednesday I will fly back the same way I came out and get back into Columbia at 8:35pm.

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