Thursday, March 16, 2006

British Scientist Wins Religion Prize - Los Angeles Times

British Scientist Wins Religion Prize - Los Angeles Times:
"John D. Barrow, a Cambridge University cosmologist who has researched and written extensively about the relationship between life and the universe, on Wednesday was awarded the 2006 Templeton Prize, worth about $1.4 million, for progress in spiritual knowledge.

Barrow, 53, a professor of mathematical sciences who once held research fellowships in astronomy and physics at UC Berkeley, is the sixth scientist to win the award, considered the Nobel Prize for religion...."

"...Astronomy, he said, "breathes new life" into so many religious questions that arise from humanity's quest for meaning.

"We see now how it is possible for a universe that displays unending complexity and exquisite structure to be governed by a few simple laws — perhaps just one law — that are symmetrical and intelligible," Barrow said...."
I can't show data to support my opinion, but it seems that, of all the sciences, the astronomers are the most receptive to the spiritual dimension.

I thnk most of us are in awe of the universe and its vastness, power, and beauty.

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