Saturday, March 25, 2006

Purpose-Driven and Presbyterian: One new paradigm at work

Purpose-Driven and Presbyterian: One new paradigm at work:

Presbyterian Outlook (free registration needed to read the whole article)
"Michael Carey has heard the skepticism: the Purpose-Driven church approach is “too Baptist,” not Presbyterian enough in its theology, caters too much to those brand-new to church and not enough to those who’ve been around.

But what Carey, pastor of Trinity Presbyterian in Satellite Beach, Florida, ( ) knows firsthand is this. His congregation has been following the Purpose-Driven model for eight years now, and:

-The average Sunday attendance is 700, out of 830 members – a typical weekly attendance of close to 85 percent.

-About 500 adults attend Bible study, and 400 are committed to participating in a significant ministry at the church.

-Last year, the people of Trinity gave $2.4 million to support the church (including funds for a building program).

-And a conference in the spring of 2005 for Purpose-driven Presbyterians drew 400 people, who came from 166 congregations in 36 states...."
This article is part of a series that explores different models of ministy, and provides a clear and balanced description of the "Purpose-Driven" program as it is applied to Presbyterian churches around the nation.

Something to think about....

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