Monday, March 06, 2006

Gadget Lets Authors Sign Books From Afar - New York Times

Gadget Lets Authors Sign Books From Afar - New York Times:
"LONDON (AP) -- Margaret Atwood has had enough of long journeys, late nights and writer's cramp. Tired of grueling book tours, the Booker Prize-winning Canadian author on Sunday unveiled her new invention: a remote-controlled pen that allows writers to sign books for fans from thousands of miles away.

Some fear Atwood's LongPen could end the personal contact between writers and readers. Atwood says it will enhance the relationship...."
As much of a computer geek as I am, I still value books with covers (preferably hardcover) and pages I can turn. In a sense, the physical book provides me what my laptop cannot -- something I can always rely on and something I can pull out and read under nearly every condition.

I don't haunt book signings, although I have several signed copies. It just doesn't quite seem the same to have a book signed by remote control. It takes the personal contact out of interacting with an author in much the same way as electronic books take away the comforting feel of a well-thumbed book.

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