Sunday, March 05, 2006

Back from Fishing

Well, I was wrong. We arrived at the primitive camping site at Thomas Hill Reservoir in sleet, that turned briefly to snow. There was no accumulation, but the rain continued sporadically most of the day, giving a three hour or so respite in the mid afternoon.

We drove the scouts around to the other side of the reservoir where the thermal effluent from the Thomas Hill Power Plant provided some fairly good fishing. Most of the boys caught several fish, including sunfish, bass, and channel catfish. It is somewhat odd to take a bluegill off the line, and feel that it is considerably warmer than your hands.

The night was peaceful, marked occaisionally by the yipping of coyotes and the arrival of a flock of geese.

About 1 hour before we broke camp, it rained, so all the tents were put away wet.

All-in-all, a great campout.

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