Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Major flood predicted

Major flood predicted:
"WILTON - Maggie Riesenmy recalls the time when the American Red Cross used the front porch of her store as a food distribution center for her neighbors affected by the Flood of 1993. The Riesenmys had built a sandbag wall in front of their store on River Road to protect them from the flooding Missouri River.

So when warning came yesterday that another major flood was on the way, she knew what to do: Stay calm. 'Done this before. We were here in ’93; we were here in ’95. That was my first reaction,' Riesenmy said. 'The river will take what she takes, and do the best you can.'

Numerous communities were evacuating their residents yesterday and today as the National Weather Service predicted near-1993 flooding levels across much of the state.

Rivers and streams already were overrunning their banks yesterday in parts of northwest Missouri, and flooding was expected later in the week farther east. As the floodwaters rose, Gov. Matt Blunt declared a state of emergency and authorized the mobilization of Missouri National Guard troops. ..."

I've been in Missouri long enough to have seen the 1986, 1993, and 1995 floods -- all of which were labeled 500-year-floods. The NOAA river forecast center is showing a prediction for a 33.5 foot stage by 6AM Saturday in Boonville. That is 12.5 feet above flood stage and a few feet below the 1993 flood. (NOAA's disclaimer is that these forecasts assume no additional rain...)

Sandbagging volunteers are already at work in Rocheport, MO and will work their way downstream over the next few days. The Katy Trail runs along the river, and there are a number of low-lying communities that stand to be inundated yet again.


Viola said...

Hi Denis,
I grew up some in Northern MO, Pattonsburg, and moved for the third time to CA as a teenager. In 86 Pattonsburg was flooded twice to the house tops. They moved the whole town. If you go to my web site at http://www.naminggrace.org/id4.htm and scroll down you will see a picture of me and my husband standing in the middle of old Pattonsburg when I went back to visit in 2000. My home was no longer standing. In fact no houses were left on my street. The Town was later used, after 86, to film the movie "Ride With the Devil." They burned down some of what was laft standing. Thanks for the information I haven't seen that on the news. I will pray for Missouri.

Denis Hancock said...

Thanks for dropping by. I have seen your name around in the Presbyterian corner of the blogosphere, and I appreciate your articles.

It looks like the sandbagging is being scaled back, at least in mid-Missouri. Some of the river roads are closed, and one of the historical trails in Arrow Rock is under water, but it looks like the crest will be a foot lower than originally predicted. It still is a significant flood, though