Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bible drawn into sex publication controversy | Oddly Enough | Reuters

Bible drawn into sex publication controversy | Oddly Enough | Reuters:
"HONG KONG (Reuters) - More than 800 Hong Kong residents have called on authorities to reclassify the Bible as 'indecent' due to its sexual and violent content, following an uproar over a sex column in a university student journal.

A spokesperson for Hong Kong's Television and Entertainment Licensing authority (TELA) said it had received 838 complaints about the Bible by noon Wednesday.

The complaints follow the launch of an anonymous Web site -- -- which said the holy book 'made one tremble' given its sexual and violent content, including rape and incest.

The Web site said the Bible's sexual content 'far exceeds' that of a recent sex column published in the Chinese University's 'Student Press' magazine, which had asked readers whether they'd ever fantasized about incest or bestiality."
I saw this linked on Presbyweb, and my first reaction was that someone had a little too much time on their hands.

I still think that, but it also seems that this is a fairly well-organized "spontaneous" outpouring of "concern" about pornography by people who (1) have little problem with it in the first place; and (2) may not be all that familiar with the passages in question.

Reuters may be a little amused by all this as well, since this article is to be found in the "Oddly Enough" section....

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