Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fred's watershed? - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Fred's watershed? - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:
"On the day of the first Southern-state Republican debate on the Fox News Channel, one undeclared GOP candidate performed a media leapfrog.

With the help of one 38-second video clip and a great sense of humor, Fred Thompson, the former U.S. senator from Tennessee who is one sock away from dipping his toe into the race for the White House, remained just as relevant as the other GOP candidates.

And thanks to Michael Moore, the Hollywood documentarian who just can't help himself, Thompson delivered what, in time, could become his watershed moment."
For those who have not seen the short video clip, take a look here (

This article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review gives a pretty good summary of how this video came to be.

Considering the level of debate thus far, Fred Thompson's entry into the race might improve things. I suppose there are some potential opponents who would rather not see him in the debates, but I think he'd shake things up. I mean anyone who can administer such a skilled political takedown in less than 38 seconds (actually only about 30 seconds of talking) certainly has formidable communication skills.

The article linked above suggested that regardless of whether Thompson enters the race, the use of short video clips may, in itself, be a watershed moment in political discourse:
"The question is not if this was a watershed. The question is, whose watershed was it -- Thompson's, mainstream media's or new media's?"
This could be interesting....

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