Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wrap-up to General Assembly

I went to bed Wednesday thinking the evening Plenary was over, but it turns out that Committee 9, the Social Justice Committee delivered their report and GA did not adjourn until after midnight.

In what I am sure was a very unusual occurrence for this General Assembly, the Plenary rejected the committee recommendation to disapprove on Item 9-20 by a vote of 189-299-6 and, following debate and an amendment, passed the item by a vote of 348-120-1. This was a commissioner's resolution that asked the General Assembly to declare suicide bombing a "crime against humanity". This was amended by the Assembly to add "terrorism" to the statement. The Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy and the Committee for Racial and Ethnic Concerns spoke against it in committee.

According to the Presbyterian Layman, a motion to reconsider Item 11-1 (the revision of the 216th General Assembly's statement on divestment) was made and rejected during the Thursday morning Plenary session. The original action stands.

I ran across an interesting site, linked by PresbyWeb -- Maynard Pittendreigh has been a blogger for at least 6 years, and has links on his Blogger Profile (click on his name) to his blogs for the 212th, 215th, 216th, and 217th General Assemblies. He and Apostle John, who has also been blogging General Assemblies since 2000, could be a great resource for GA blogging history. Apostle John wrote that he seemed awfully lonely 6 years ago, but there was a lot of company this year.

I read a lot of blogs this year and there are a few I would like to highlight for not only their reporting and analysis, but because the discussion is continuing on their blogs: The Gruntled Center, Quotidian Grace, Apostle John, The Eagle and Child, The Kruse Kronicle.

I am proud to share their love of the Church, and willingness to engage each other on issues where we don't all agree, but we can keep the discussion decent and in order.

Finally, I would like to say how much I appreciate PresbyWeb who has linked to many more Presbyterian bloggers, and whose reporting has been evenhanded since 1998. Access to PresbyWeb is by paid subscription, but there is a 30 day free trial available. The cost is what the user feels it is worth, although there are suggested minimums. I have been reading PresbyWeb since it started, and I recommend it highly.

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Russell Smith said...

Angler -- thanks for the props for all presbyterian bloggers. For an interesting contrast -- check out Jollyblogger's comments on the PCA General Assembly -- apparently it was quite the boring affair. At least we get headlines in our circles!

Quotidian Grace said...

Denis, props to you for your outstanding summaries all week of the action. I'm sure I'm not the only blogger who found more information from you quicker than from the official sites.

Denis Hancock said...

Thanks, Russell. I read Jolly Blogger's piece. It sure makes me wish we had the same agreement of the PCA on even a few things. But with the recent shenanigans in Austin, we can't even seem to agree on the answer to the question all members are required to answer: "Who is your Lord and Savior?"

To be honest, I see that particular congregation as being a total aberration and not in any way shapre or form to be confused with the PC(USA).

Denis Hancock said...

And thanks to you, QG. I have appreciated your blog ever since I saw it linked on Mike Kruse's blog, and followed the link out of curiosity. I can't say I use "quotidian" in everyday conversation (hehehe), but at least I know what it means.

I found out only later that there was no internet in the General Assembly meeting hall, so in a sense, we long-distance bloggers had the advantage of the on-site people. Of course, in another sense I am told by those who have been to GA that there is nothing like it. I look forward to attending GA either in 2008 or 2010.