Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Quotidian Grace: The Church's One Foundation

Quotidian Grace: The Church's One Foundation:
"Tomorrow the General Assembly of the PCUSA begins meeting in Birmingham, Alabama.

I have a friend who attended a GA several years ago. He came back shell-shocked from the experience. "There was nothing there that seemed anything like my church back home," he told me. " I told my wife I felt that God had left the PCUSA and was hanging out at the Starbucks on the corner across from the hotel. " He felt mobbed on all sides by special interest groups and besieged like a Congressman running the gauntlet of aggressive lobbyists, as he struggled with his responsibility as a commissioner. ..."
Along with this anecdote, Quotidian Grace has some good perspectives on the PC(USA) and how it chooses to spend its resources.

At least two Youth advisory Delegates of my acquaintance have confirmed the intense lobbying that goes on. One likened it to a tug-of-war with the YADs as the rope.

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