Saturday, June 17, 2006

Trinity paper approved with amendments

Trinity paper approved with amendments:

By Bill Lancaster

BIRMINGHAM, June 17 — The Theological Issues and Institutions Committee of the 217th General Assembly approved, with amendment, the paper entitled, "The Trinity: God's Love Overflowing." The vote was 42-16-3 (for-against-abstain). There will be a minority report. ...

The paper affirms Father, Son and Holy Spirit as the church's anchor language for the Trinity, but lifts up other biblical images of the Trinity for study and use in worship.

One approved amendment adds a paragraph affirming that Jesus Christ is the very image of God. The full text, to be added at line 436 in the paper, states, "We must always bear in mind that Scripture affirms Jesus Christ is the very image of God. This means the Triune God has chosen to reveal the Divine identity in the life and work of Jesus Christ. Christ is the mystery of our salvation and the revelation of God in the world." ...

This was shaping up to be a controversial topic, and may well prove to be, as a minority report will also be sent to the plenary. The additions seem to make it clear that the Trinitarian doctrine is in little danger of being set aside, but there are many who are looking very carefully at what this document says.

The final version of The Trinity: God's Love Overflowing (prior to GA) is available as a pdf file

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