Monday, June 19, 2006

Sexuality Curriculum Recommendation

Along with everything else going on, there was an overture by Shenango Presbytery that revisited a similar attempt several years ago to bring the youth sexuality curriculum in line with Biblical and Confessional standards. As I recall, this passed a General Assembly in the late 1990s and seems to have been forgotten, due in no small part to the reluctance of the Congregational Ministries Division to comply.

In any case, while I was browsing on Les (the GA information and tracking system) I found the following item (12-11) that was discussed by Committee 12 (Church Growth and Christian Education):

“The Presbytery of Shenango overtures the 217th General Assembly (2006) to direct the General Assembly Council (Congregational Ministries Division) and all other PC(USA) entities to use the biblical and confessional teachings that sexual relationships belong only within the bond of marriage of a man and a woman as the standard for the development of any future materials or recommendations for materials in print or in its website. [The curriculum should include information on reproductive health to allow for an open discussion between teachers and youth in light of our understanding of God’s plan for sexuality.]”

The material between the square brackets and underlined was added by amendment.

The Committee recommended approval by a vote of 29-17-0. The Congregational Ministries Division and Advocacy Committee for Women's Concerns both testified against the Shenango Overture.

This all sounds familiar, and if this passes, I hope that those charged with implementing it actually do so, rather than waiting to see what the next General Assembly will come up with.

[UPDATE] This overture passed in the Plenary session 381-108-6, according to Les.

[UPDATE 5:26pm CDT] A motion to reconsider was defeated approximately 70% to 30%. The afternoon Plenary session is adjourned until 8:15pm CDT this evening. (observed via streaming video)

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Gruntled said...

This might be another case where the church needs to fire a few "prophet-bureaucrats."

Denis Hancock said...

I think they already did...

will spotts said...

This was certainly one that came in under the radar. Thanks for picking this up.

Denis Hancock said...

Les is quite useful. So is streaming video.

I must say I am surprised that this was not fought. Maybe "under the radar" was a good thing here. And they didn't even have to hide it in a consent agenda.