Friday, April 21, 2006

'You Trying to Say Jesus Christ Can't Hit a Curveball?' - Christianity Today Magazine

'You Trying to Say Jesus Christ Can't Hit a Curveball?' - Christianity Today Magazine:
"Even I didn't think the season would effectively end this quickly. Back in spring training I wrote about my unhealthy allegiance to the Kansas City Royals. Already 2-11 and riding a nine-game losing streak, the Royals may be lucky to lose fewer than 106 games, the franchise record they set last year...."
1985 seems like such a long time ago...

I will stick with the Royals, nevertheless. They are my team whether they win or lose. They kind of remind be of the Mid-Missouri Mavericks, Columbia's minor league team. They certainly have a similar win/loss record.

The rest of the article is worth reading.

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Quotidian Grace said...

Stick with your Royals, Denis. After decades of unrewarded loyalty to his Astros, my husband finally achieved Baseball Heaven last year when they got to the World Series.
You gotta believe!

Denis Hancock said...

Thanks, and I plan to.

I've always liked baseball and the Royals. Even with the drug scandals there always seem to be decent people associated with the sport.

The late Dan Quisenberry was a Presbyterian and spent time in volunteer service with a KC food bank.

Gunny said...

"1985 seems like such a long time ago..."

Not to me! The Cardinals got robbed and should have won that series.

I know God was/is in control, but that makes it that much harder to endure.

You're enduring some lean years, but you got a World Series victory more recently than my Cardinals, even if a true Royals fan would have a hard time really enjoying a stolen title. ; )

So ... hang in there. This too shall pass.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Denis Hancock said...

Ah well...

You are correct -- that WAS a mistaken call, but in Denkinger's defense, he was focussed 5 feet above the bag where Worrell was attempting to tag Orta. Thus, he missed the action at ground level. If Worrell hadn't gone for the tag, I suspect Denkinger would have been focussed on the bag.

It might have been appropriate for the home plate umpire to run up about halfway to first to get a better look. That might have solved the second issue, which was that Orta seemed to miss the bag entirely even as Worrell missed his tag. A second pair of eyes might have changed the outcome.

Of course, it wasn't faulty umpiring that scored 11(?) runs for the Royals in game 7...

It was a wild ride that year that year for we Royals fans. And the Cardinals have had, on the whole, a better run since then than the Royals. Whitey Herzog was a good manager, and a decent human being.

BTW -- I appreciated but the articles you linked in your comment. When someone uses "Semper Reformanda" in their blog, I tend to assume Presbyterian, as that is part of our motto. I keep forgetting that there are other Calvinists out there.

Gunny said...

"Of course, it wasn't faulty umpiring that scored 11(?) runs for the Royals in game 7..."

uh ... no more questions!

Thanks, DH. God has His Reformed folks in various pockets of people. It may be harder at times to be Reformed in the SBC, but some of us would like to see it get back to its roots.
; )