Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Eagle and Child: Continuing Education -- A Course on Ancient Egypt

The Eagle and Child: Continuing Education -- A Course on Ancient Egypt:
"...Realize, I expected skepticism toward the story – I expected a debunking of the story as a myth. After all, this is a famous Egyptologist (and expert on mummification) – and there’s very little hard archaeological data for the Joseph story – no steles with Josephs name for instance.

Baird [Brier?] surprised me when he said that since we had no hard external evidence, we had to look at the internal evidence of the story (Genesis 37-50) – does it hang together from an Egyptologist’s point of view? And then he went through 9 items that indicate that the story “rings true” for him...."
Russell Smith of The Eagle and Child is viewing a 48 lecture series by Professor Bob Brier of Long Island University on The History of Ancient Egypt. He was pleasantly surprised by the treatment of the story of Joseph.

Many archaeologists note that there are apparently no written records of Joseph's time in Egypt, and conclude that the events never happened. It is always dangerous to come to conclusions from a lack of evidence, and Professor Brier went with what he had. His conclusion was that whoever told this story had a intimate knowledge of Egypt.

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Russell Smith said...

Thanks for the link -- and the correction on my mis typing of Brier's name.


Denis Hancock said...

My pleasure. I always enjoy reading your blog.