Monday, April 03, 2006

Quotidian Grace: Dog-Gone: Next Brown Thriller?

Quotidian Grace: Dog-Gone: Next Brown Thriller?:
"Our story to this point: Vlad Gonzales, acclaimed professor of Judaic Studies at Yale University, and Shannon Stein, the FBI's newest (and most attractive) codebreaker, have been thrown together by fate to solve one of the world's most ancient mysteries: the whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant.

Having discovered that her dearly-beloved -- and recently departed -- Grammy was the leader in an elite Jewish order, the Priory of Zion, which was entrusted with the duty of preserving the secrecy of the Ark's location (and its contents), Stein is on a mission to uncover Grammy's secret so that it may not die with her.

Stein and Gonzales, on the run from American and Israeli forces, seek asylum at Vlad's weathly and eccentric friend Harold Blackstone's cottage on the shores of Crete. It is here, in this Mediterranean paradise, that Stein will learn the greatest secret in history...."
QG's daughter Portia, is guest-blogging this morning with an hilarious satire on The Da Vinci Code. Read the entire post for some well-written satire.

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