Monday, April 24, 2006

Back after a long weekend...

I spent Friday night and half of Saturday with the Boys Scouts at the Spring Camporee, but returned in order to pack by bags and make other preparations for the Internet2 Spring Meeting being held in Arlington, VA.

I spent the morning of Earth Day, 2006 at church, and in early afternoon I loaded my bags into my environmentally correct 4-cylinder front-wheel drive Ford Escape, picked up my boss, drove to the St. Louis airport, and boarded a fully-loaded jet for Reagan-National Airport. A call for volunteers to willingly give up their seats apparently was successful, since we did take off on time and arrived a few minutes early into the D.C. area.

This morning I read the complimentary USAToday newspaper (dead tree edition) and noticed two viewpoint articles on religion and environment: Is God an Environmentalist? and A Green Christian Conservative.

The former is a bit strident, but worth reading. The latter shows how one Christian was able to get past the ideology often associated with evangelical Christians, and start to realize that stewardship of creation is one of God's callings. More on the second article will follow this posting.

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