Sunday, April 30, 2006

Gruntled Center: Need to Balance The Church Headquarters Budget? Fire the Prophets

Gruntled Center: Need to Balance The Church Headquarters Budget? Fire the Prophets:
"...The church needs prophets, as does society as a whole. That is why God keeps sending them. The place of prophets is outside the house of power, speaking truth. The Presbyterian Center is a house of power. It needs servants who the local congregations can trust. If the church trusted the HQ, the money would flow.
The Gruntled Center has a rather provocative idea for stewardship of the dwindling dollars that the dwindling members of the PC(USA) send to Louisville.

As he points out, this is a matter of trust. It will be difficult to rebuild that trust as long as there is such a disconnect between the beliefs and values of the local congregation members and those of the office in Louisville.

Still, I hope that when the details of the cuts emerge that they will demonstrate a commitment to strengthen Mission while eliminating that which is extraneous the the six Great Ends of the Church.

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Quotidian Grace said...

Thanks for the link. He makes a wonderful point, but I don't see how it can happen since these "prophets" will fight like heck any attempt to put them outside of HQ.

Denis Hancock said...

Well, I doubt the "prophets" are in fear of their jobs, but I could be suprised when the details emerge this afternoon.

Gruntled said...

They did have the guts to cut from the top, though I expect that most of those chief lieutenants will be back in other roles.

Denis Hancock said...

Well, they did leave the door open for people to reapply for jobs under the new structure.

We'll see...