Monday, April 24, 2006 - A green Christian conservative - A green Christian conservative:
By Rod Dreher

"Earth Day is not my day, not really.

As both a conservative and an avid indoorsman, I've always seen it as a high holy day for hippies, Whole Foods devotees, spotted-owl fetishists and sundry crunchy-granola types who believe that "Think Globally, Act Locally" is the Eleventh Commandment.

But you know, I've got to wonder how much longer we on the right can justify an environmental philosophy that amounts to little more than sneering at liberal tree-huggers...."
Good article; more to come when I get a chance to take it all in...

[UPDATE - April 25, 2006 6:17am CDT]
OK. I have some time now. Rod Dreher, who is an assistant editorial page editor for the Dallas Morning News as well as a blogger (Crunchy Cons blog on, sees environmental policy as a Christian reponsibility. To him it is a matter of "moral and spiritual integrity" and that the challenge facing humankind "dwarfs the narcissism of the usual left-right politics."

Whether you agree or disagree with how the important issues are identified, and the solutions that are proposed, Dreher certainly has presented something worth thinking about. I concur with him that letting ideology get in the way of our duty as Christians is a matter of serious concern.

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