Monday, February 27, 2006

Word and Deed, Again and Again - Christianity Today Magazine

Word and Deed, Again and Again - Christianity Today Magazine:
Five months later and counting, Katrina continues to change the lives of both victims and volunteers.
by Deann Alford | posted 02/27/2006 09:00 a.m.

"Last August, Travis Todd was wrapping up seven nonstop years of ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ in Southeast Asia. He was looking forward to some down time in Alabama and his hometown of Pass Christian, Mississippi.

Meanwhile, pastor Christopher Colby was poised to launch ambitious fall programs at Pass Christian's wealthy Trinity Church. And hundreds of miles north in Evansville, Indiana, a semi-retired Greg Porter, who had founded a successful maintenance company, was focused on improving his tennis game.

But for all three individuals, God and Hurricane Katrina had bigger ideas...."
Here is a moving story about how life has radically changed for many people affected by Hurricane Katrina. The major relief organizations are pulling back, but there is up to two years more work that needs to be done, and this story estimates that 95% of the volunteers are Christians.

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