Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Overtures reveal major issues for GA action in Birmingham

Overtures reveal major issues for GA action in Birmingham:
(The Presbyterian Outlook has free registration)
Leslie Scanlon, Outlook national reporter

"Skimming the early batches of overtures submitted to the 2006 General Assembly is sort of like watching a one-minute highlights show of the controversies of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Gay ordination.
Churches withholding per capita.
Non-geographic presbyteries.
The Theological Task Force.

It’s all there – and more, in the first opportunity the church has had in two years to ask the assembly to take a stand.

But these overtures also reflect a real desire that the PC(USA) be a light of hope to a hurting world – that it be a denomination not afraid to wade in to troubled waters in places like Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

So far, more than 60 overtures have been formally submitted, with more surely on the way. Here’s some of what lies ahead...."

It sounds like the 2006 General Assembly has some work to do. Leslie Scanlon has done a pretty good job of summarizing the overtures to date. For those who wish to go to the source, the 217th General Assembly web page has a page listing the overtures received to date. The Outlook article mentions many that are not yet on the PC(USA) list, but I expect the page will be updated as new ones are received.

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