Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Kruse Kronicle: Toward an Evangelical Public Policy: Chapter 1

Kruse Kronicle: Toward an Evangelical Public Policy: Chapter 1:
(This is the first in a series of sixteen posts summarizing, for discussion purposes, a collection of sixteen essays edited by Ronald J. Sider and Diane Knippers on public policy.)

Toward an Evangelical Public Policy

Part I – Learning from the Past

Chapter 1 - Seeking a Place: Evangelical Protestants and Public Engagement in the Twentieth Century. By John C. Green, Professor of Political Science, University of Akron.

Green gives a brief history of political engagement by Evangelicals over the last century. He categorizes identifies three avenues of engagement:

* movement politics – challenges to political institutions
* quiescent politics – detachment from political institutions
* regularized politics – adaptation to political institutions

Mike Kruse of the Kruse Kronicle has started a series of posts summarizing the 16 essays in Toward an Evangelical Public Policy.

This discussion is open for comments and I suggest that if this topic intrigues you, go on over and be a part of this virtual book discussion.

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Thanks for linking me up, Denis.

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