Friday, February 10, 2006

The Vice of Centrists

Gruntled Center:
"...The vice of centrists is complacency.

Liberal and conservative activists seem to enjoy feeling righteously indignant so much that I think that is half the appeal of having an ideology in the first place. But to feel really righteous in our outrage, we have to grossly simplify the issues and options, to eliminate the middle positions and proclaim culture war...."

Beau Weston has posted three good articles this week on the strengths and shortcomings of liberals and conservatives.

The first, with the lengthy title of "The Vice of Conservatives is Believing that Conservatism is a Morality Test; The Vice of Liberals is Believing that Liberalism is an Intelligence Test" was followed a day later with "What Conservatives and Liberals Did Right".

Beau's article today is in response to a comment to the first in the series.

Go on over and read the full articles. They, and their comments, are worth thinking about.

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