Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Scientist provides evidence that God does not exist

Scientist provides evidence that God does not exist:
"... After evaluating all the scientific evidence—the studies done by reputable institutions on the power of prayer; the writings of philosophers who have puzzled over the problem of God and of good and evil; the efforts of biblical scholars to prove the accuracy of holy scriptures; and the work of biologists, geologists, and astronomers looking for clues to a creator on Earth and in the cosmos—Stenger concludes that beyond a reasonable doubt the universe and life appear exactly as we might expect if there were no God. He convincingly shows that not only is there no evidence for the existence of God, but scientific observations actually point to his nonexistence. ..."

This is quoted from a book blurb from Prometheus Books, and one should read it through one's "marketing hype" filters.

Still, though, it all boils down to another scientist making statements about something that falls completely outside the methods of science. He is entitled to his opinion, but he should not be identifying it as the outcome of scientific inquiry. By its very nature it cannot be.

You cannot logically prove a negative. This author shows his blind faith by attempting to do so.

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