Sunday, January 14, 2007

Icebound in Columbia

[UPDATE 4:46 PM] Here is a screen shot of the regional radar. Columbia is midway between Kansas City and Saint Louis. It looks worse than it really is, but my planned trip to Starbucks may have to wait....

Most of the churches in Columbia canceled services today.

We have been in the grip of a three day series of ice storms The first wave came Friday afternoon and went overnight, leaving about an inch and a half of freezing rain and sleet on the ground. Saturday morning and afternoon provided a short respite, allowing me go go out and get people food, dog food, and some miscellaneous supplies. The second wave started in the late afternoon and added another inch or so of sleet. The third wave is just beginning as I write this. It should last through the evening, and then we should get some better weather for the next week.

We can count ourselves fortunate that most of the precipitation was sleet instead of freezing rain. Columbia, thus far, has not endured power outages like Saint Louis, and I sure hope that continues.

I have had some time to catch up on my reading, and I picked up C.S. Lewis' The Problem of Pain (which I started several weeks ago, but put aside in favor of my Christmas book haul). It is a short book, but one that does not lend itself to fast reading. It's more like read a section, reflect, reread the section scratch my head a little, then maybe have a flash of insight. One such insight will be the subject of my next blog entry.

I am glad to have had this opportunity to relax and read, (in between blogging, feeling trapped in my home, and logging into the servers at work to make sure they are working properly.)


Quotidian Grace said...

Hope all goes well for you. Our local forcasters are in a swivet--warning everyone that the temp may drop to 31 degrees!!! That's not going to cause ice anywhere. What wussies.

Denis Hancock said...

When my parents lived in Austin, there was a snowstorm. It didn't last too long, but no one seemed to know how to drive in it.

Of course, here in Mid-Missouri, and a college town to boot, we have a lot of people who just can't seem to figure out that you need to ease off on the foot feed.