Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Presbyterian Outlook: Presbyterian mission in a flat world, part 3

Presbyterian Outlook: Presbyterian mission in a flat world, part 3

Scott Sunquist ends his three part series on mission in a "flat world by summarizing the issues and posing questions that the Presbyterian Church needs to answer:
1. Is it possible to harness the flattening agents to develop a more “flat” mission: a missional capability that shares openly, cooperates globally, and fosters dynamic and ongoing creativity?

2. How do we now promote Presbyterian mission recognizing the flat (mostly) non-western mission of God in the world?

3. Can we follow other mainline churches in multiple sending agencies, but do better in building mutual trust and coordination that allows for ongoing adjustments as with “work-flow software?”

4. How do we develop a new missional direction that reflects more a meritocracy than a bureaucracy, more open sharing than central planning, and more cooperation and trust than competition?

5. When so many of our Presbyterian friends are disillusioned and tired, how do we help to unleash the energy, confidence, and creativity in our young people, our
church leaders and our lay people to “come on board” God’s global mission?

In a world where we have an unprecedented and ever increasing ability to acquire and process information, and have the ability to collaborate with others on the other side of the world as they were around the same table, Sundquist suggests that we need to develop new ways of carrying out God's mission. And it looks like we need to learn to follow, rather than lead, considering the directions in which mission is growing around the world.

Index to Sundquist's series:
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