Thursday, September 14, 2006

Postcard from Africa - Christianity Today Magazine

Postcard from Africa - Christianity Today Magazine
Where hope and despair live side by side.
by Philip Yancey

As I read this short article, it defied my attempts to select an excerpt to give the flavor of the piece. So I will list his four bullet points and refer you to the whole article:
  • "AIDS. Bono and the big charities keep talking about it, but Africans live with it—and die from it—daily. Africa accounts for 70 percent of the total number of people infected with HIV/AIDS...

  • Poverty. How do you plan an economy when a third of the work force may die in the next ten years? More, how do you conduct an economy when a government is riddled with corruption and seems destined to self-destruct? ...

  • Faith. In sub-Saharan Africa, Christianity asserts itself boldly. ...

  • Resiliency. The West tends to view Africa as the news portrays it: a relentless succession of disasters. Africans themselves, however, go about their lives with survival skills honed over time. ..."
Yancy's point is that the sound bites and easy characterizations of the media do little to portray accurately the reality of Africa. I found it particularly interesting that Christianity, in which name much oppression has taken place, is so significant a part of many African's lives. God certainly has been at work.

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