Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Many Americans Uneasy with Mix of Religion and Politics

Many Americans Uneasy with Mix of Religion and Politics:
"The relationship between religion and politics is a controversial one. While the public remains more supportive of religion's role in public life than in the 1960s, Americans are uneasy with the approaches offered by both liberals and conservatives. Fully 69% of Americans say that liberals have gone too far in keeping religion out of schools and government. But the proportion who express reservations about attempts by Christian conservatives to impose their religious values has edged up in the past year, with about half the public (49%) now expressing wariness about this. ..."
The Pew Forum released a poll a week or so ago showing some movement in recent years in people's atttudes about how religion and politics should mix. The link to the quote above lists the entire report, rather than the excerpts that have made it into various news reports. It makes for interesting reading.

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