Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Columbia Missourian - Columbia MO Presbyterians in Louisiana

Columbia Missourian - Missourian News Blog:
"Warrington drive is the first street east of the London Avenue canal. The I-panels lining the canal breached just a few houses down from Birdsall’s, and water was soon up to the ceiling of the one-story houses lining the street. When the water receded, it left everything covered in mud. One year later, the mud is still there, only dried and cracked. ..."
This week the Columbia Missourian News Blog will be featuring daily stories about the work trip that members of First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, Missouri are on in New Orleans. This is the second trip that some of these people have been on and they should have good stories when they return.

In the meantime, we can follow their progress on a daily basis.

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