Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Curse Is Lifted!

I went to Royals games many times in Kansas city the 1980's, but I never saw the Royals win in person. It was almost as if I was the kiss of death for the team. Last night, for the first time in over 20 years, I had the pleasure of seeing the Kansas City Royals play at home with a 7-4 win over the Seattle Mariners.

The second half of a double play

Redman, the Royals pitcher pitched nearly the entire game, and left to a standing ovation. Nelson, the closer, threw three fastballs to the last batter and sealed the victory.
  • Tickets -- $45
  • Hat, jersey, peanuts, cotton candy, hotdogs, drinks -- $100
  • My son, and his friend seeing their first Major League ball game in person, and better yet, the Royals winning -- Priceless

Redman throwing one of his many pitches

Redman leaving the game to a standing ovation

As I mentioned yesterday, Mike and I talked of baseball, the Royals, and by the time the 7th inning rolled around, the PC(USA). After the game, we headed down the road and met at Barnes & Noble in Independence MO for quieter conversation and warm drinks.

Melissa and Mike and Susan (Mrs. Reformed Angler)

A day at the stadium, good friends, good conversation -- All in all a great day. Did I mention the Royals won with me in the stadium? ...


Michael W. Kruse said...

Great shots, Denis. I love how you captured Redman's torking of the ball in the 2nd pic. However, I am not sure the picture of the druggies at end was necessary. :)

Denis Hancock said...

You noticed that the photographer managed to stay out of the picture... Although his ballcap was in the image.

The boys weren't around at the time, otherwise i would have asked one of them to take the photo with me in it as well.

Quotidian Grace said...

Sounds like a great outing guys! Thanks for sharing the pictures with your blogging friends.

Denis Hancock said...

Thanks, QG. It is alsways great to see people in person, and I'm looking forward to having coffee with you when I'm down in Houston over Thanksgiving week.