Saturday, May 06, 2006

What C. S. Lewis Sounded Like - Christianity Today Magazine

What C. S. Lewis Sounded Like - Christianity Today Magazine:
"During WWII, the BBC used twelve-inch metal disks coated with acetate for recordings. But because metal was in short supply, those disks were primarily reserved for field recording, so only one of Lewis's WWII talks was preserved. That talk, Beyond Personality: The New Men, was broadcast on March 21, 1944. A recording of it (along with a recording of an introduction to Lewis's book, The Great Divorce), are available on the BBC's website...."
These broadcasts, which were collated into Mere Christianity, were quite popular during World War II.

Listening to Beyond Personality: The New Men as it was actually read by C. S. Lewis was quite an experience, 62 years after its broadcast and 43 years following his death.

These audio clips require RealPlayer, which may be obtained through a link on the BBC website.

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