Tuesday, May 09, 2006

PC(USA) - News Service - Christianity grows rapidly in Nepal, despite ban on conversions

PC(USA) - News Service - Christianity grows rapidly in Nepal, despite ban on conversions:
by Anto Akkara
Ecumenical News International

"KATMANDU — When Chuda Bastakoti became a Christian 12 years ago, the people in his remote village used to taunt him, shouting “Christian” as an insult.

“But that has changed now. People do not look at me any longer with disdain when I go home,” said Bastakoti from the Gorkha district of southwestern Nepal, who works as a high school teacher in Katmandu. The 32-year-old teacher spoke to Ecumenical News International after a church service at a flat in Katmandu.

He said he married Kopila, a Hindu woman, four years ago after informing her family that he was a Christian convert. “They had no problem,” said Bastakoti. Within a year of their marriage, Kopila also became a Christian. In fact, Bastakoti said, entire villages especially in remote areas like his have embraced Christianity.

Pastor Simon Gurung, president of the Valley Christian Council, told ENI, “The number of Christians here is increasing steadily.” Gurung heads the Immanuel Baptist church in the Katmandu Valley and said the number of conversions started rising rapidly after Nepal adopted a new constitution in 1990 which introduced multi-party democracy...."
This PNS release is a good example of how the Mission of Jesus Christ is playing out in a part of the world where to be a Christian is not easy -- especially if you are a convert.

These people have experienced Jesus in a way that few Americans can relate to.

It warms my heart to know that the Presbyterian Church (USA) is involved in "Proclaiming the Gospel for the Salvation of Humankind" in this part of the world.

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