Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Very Presbyterian Week

Mission Committee was Tuesday, and Christian Education was Thursday. Immediately prior to CE was a special Session meeting to examine one of our members who is applying to make the transition from inquirer to candidate. We endorsed his application with great pleasure.

Saturday, in my capacity as Candidate Care Committee chair in my local congregation, I accompanied our inquirer to the Presbytery's Committee on Preparation for the Ministry for his annual consultation. The CPM also acted on his application for candidacy. After a challenging discussion with the committee, he will be recommended for candidacy at the upcoming meeting of the Missouri Union Presbytery.

Today, following church, the Mission Committee will drive across town to the other Presbyterian church, and have lunch with the moderator of General Assembly, Rick Ufford-Chase. I imagine a topic of discussion will be the recent actions by GAC to streamline the organization in Louisville, as well as how GAC is organized. I hope to hear a clarification of where we are going with respect to local and worldwide evangelism. The first of the Great Ends of the Church as well as the first of the eight mission objectives that GAC adopted earlier this year show a clear committment to the witness to Jesus Christ in the world, yet the numbers of overseas mission personnel is being cut by 55 people, leaving about 400 total field workers. At first glance, this seems like a pretty mixed message.

Tuesday, I will be spending the day at Presbytery as the comissioner from our congregation. Mike Kruse of the Kruse Kronicle will be there in his capacity as a member of GAC to help enlighten us about the recent happenings in the PC(USA). I look forward to seeing him and hearing him speak. I'll be there when our inquirer presents his statement of faith to Presbytery and is examined for candidacy.

After Presbytery we will all drive back to Columbia, and have a hour or so before Session meeting, ending a very long day.

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