Monday, May 15, 2006

Presbyterian Outlook: Downtown Disintegration

Downtown Disintegration:
Presbyterian Outlook -- free registration required to read the full article
"...Who’s to blame for the downward spiral in Louisville?

Well, as pink-slipped General Assembly staff members begin their search for new jobs, and as remaining staff try to regroup and reorganize their work, they all can find plenty of culprits to blame. Fund-withholding churches have starved the budget. Exaggerated reporting from a hostile press has incited such withholding. Missteps by a handful of national staff have thrown red meat to the reporters. GA commissioners have adopted provocative policies. Localists in the pews have adopted the ecclesiology of congregationalism in place of Presbyterian connectionalism. And self-absorption, the spirit of our age, has lured churches into cultural captivity...."
Jack Haberer gives his assessment of the current budget problems with the PC(USA) and provides some ideas for how to reverse what he calls a "downward spiral". Haberer is blunt, but has ideas worth considering.

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