Tuesday, January 08, 2008

WWI 'blogger' captures attention - CNN.com

WWI 'blogger' captures attention - CNN.com:
"LONDON, England (AP) -- In many ways he's a typical war blogger: William Henry 'Harry' Bonser Lamin's descriptions of grueling battles compete with complaints about cramped quarters and apologies for his irregular updates.

But the postings from the twentysomething English laceworker are from the trenches of World War I -- nine decades ago.

His letters are being posted now -- 90 years to the day -- to the Internet by Lamin's grandson, Bill. And like Harry's family at the time, readers don't know if his most recent update will be his last. ..."
This is one of the more creative blogs I have run across. Private Lamin's grandson is posting the letters 90 days to the day after they were written and they provide a fascinating look at one soldier's experience in World War I. The blog itself is named "WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier" and the compiler/author suggests that one start at the beginning to get the full flavor of these letters.

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