Thursday, January 03, 2008

Alice Cooper: The shock rock pioneer speaks about his Christian faith - Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper: The shock rock pioneer speaks about his Christian faith - Alice Cooper:
"... 35 years since 'School's Out' and at school, Alice is very definitely in. Witnessing him on his current arena tour of the UK, he draws an audience which ranges from five to 65 and everyone to a man (or woman) admires his showmanship, his ability to hold an audience in the palm of his hand and take his entire audience on a journey from grim horror and death to victory and life. There are no altar calls at an Alice Cooper show. There is no church. But this is not someone trading on his past. Not a whiff of nostalgia. Alice Cooper is still very relevant to his audience today. He still rocks. Alice is cool. And your church elders are not going to understand how Christian faith and Alice's show fit together. And your Granddad still won't like it.

Alice has thought about this: 'As a Christian, I don't declare myself as a 'Christian rock star'. I'm a rock performer who's a Christian. ..."
Apparently Alice Cooper (born in 1948 as Vincent Damon Furnier) has been a Christian since the 1990s, but has not gone the "celebrity Christian" route. He is quoted as saying that he is not a theologian and simply wants to learn who God is and to love his neighbor.

I have to confess that I know little about Alice Cooper (other than his bizarre persona onstage), but having seen a number of celebrities publicly embrace Jesus, only to backslide in a spectacular way, it is refreshing to hear of a person who has embraced Christ, and quietly tried to live as a Christian.


Benjamin P. Glaser said...

Alice is the real deal. His dad was a Baptist Pastor and he has completely turned his life around.

ministercreek said...

Wasn't Alice Cooper raised in the Church of Jesus Christ, an LDS offshoot that accepts both the Bible (KJV) and Book of Mormon? In fact, his father was an Apostle in that Church.

His father was hardly Baptist but rather an Mormon (though that Church claims NO affilation with the Mormon Church).

Did Alice break away and renounce his LDS-offshoot past and truly belive the Biblical Gospel by repenting of his sins and trusting in Christ ALONE for salvation? That is the real question...