Monday, January 14, 2008

Backlash as more claim religion to get place in top schools -Times Online

Backlash as more claim religion to get place in top schools -Times Online:
"New evidence that middle-class parents are playing the system to get their children into church schools emerged last night prompting calls for the Government to put a halt to new faith schools.

A surge in late baptisms into the Roman Catholic Church is reported by researchers as part of a phenomenon known as the “Year-Five Epiphany.” The findings have reignited the debate about the place of religion in the school system and led to renewed criticism that faith schools favour the selection of middle-class pupils whose parents know how to play the system. ..."
From what I have observed over at least 30 years, parents will send children to denominational schools even if they are not a member of that denomination. It isn't a new thing, at least in the United States. From this article, though, it seems that the denominational or parochial schools are a fairly recent phenomenon in Great Britain. These are predominantly Christian, although Jewish, Muslim, and Sikh schools are to be found.

This article, while mainly quoting members of Parliament and the government opposed to the concept of of faith-based education, also touches on the reasons why parents try to get their children into non-public schools. These reasons are similar to those given in the USA for choosing non-public schools.

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