Sunday, July 08, 2007

Pope Removes Restrictions On Use of Old Latin Mass -

Pope Removes Restrictions On Use of Old Latin Mass -
"VATICAN CITY, July 7 -- Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday removed restrictions on celebrating the old Latin Mass, reviving a rite that was all but swept away by the liberalizing reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

The decision, a victory for traditional, conservative Roman Catholics, came over the objections of liberal-minded Catholics and angered Jews because the Tridentine Mass contains a prayer for their conversion.

Benedict, who stressed that he was not negating Vatican II, issued a document authorizing parish priests to celebrate the Tridentine rite if a "stable group of faithful" requests it. Under Vatican II rules, the local bishop must approve such requests -- an obstacle that supporters of the rite said had greatly limited its availability.

"What earlier generations held as sacred remains sacred and great for us, too," Benedict wrote. ..."

Hmmm. We don't complain when some of the Anabaptist groups insist on using German in their worship. Why should we be concerned if some Catholics want to use the Latin mass? It does not seem likely that very many people will be really wanting the Tridentine Mass, in view of the fact that an entire generation (or more) of Catholics have grown since Vatican II. And I see by the entire article that no one will be forced into the Latin rites; this is strictly a choice of the individual or individuals who request it.

Does anybody know if Catholic seminaries even teach the Tridentine Mass?

As for the bit about converting Jews -- Perhaps we 21st century Preotestants wouldn't make it part of our "mission statement", but if we really believe the Good News, then why not tell it to the whole world? I don't recall any exceptions being established in either of the "Great Commission" passages....


Benjamin P. Glaser said...

This is really an interesting development for many reasons. My Catholic friends all assured me that the election of Pope Benedict XVI was purposefully a step to start rolling back the reforms of Vatican II and it looks like they were right.

Denis Hancock said...

I'm going to wait and see. I somehow doubt that there are many people who remember and really want to hear the Latin rite used.

The more important issue to me is how do we follow Christ's command to preach the Good News to the whole world, and at the same time respect believers of different faiths?