Wednesday, July 11, 2007

26 years ago

July 11, 1981
Tonganoxie Congregational Church

It must have been the resilience borne of 22 years of living through Missouri and Kansas summers, because I remember only one of the two people who stood before the assembled guests sweating. The woman who stood next to me seemed cool, collected, and did not have sweat dripping down her face.

Of course I was a bit of a wreck. Things seemed to be going great until my tuxedo turned out to be the wrong size. The tuxedo company rushed out a tuxedo of the correct size with their profuse apologies. It was close in color, but had black trim where the groomsmen tuxedos were not trimmed. Oh well. I finally got a grip (ask my wife and you might get a different answer) and the wedding started on time.

There have been times that made the tuxedo seem trivial, but 26 years later we are still married and still in love.


Michael Kruse said...

Congrats, Denis!

Denis Hancock said...

Thanks. If I get some time (HA!) I'll see about scanning a photo and posting it.