Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tag, I'm It!

I was tagged by the proprietor of Kairos Blog for "Five Things I Dig About Jesus" -- Accordingly, here they are. I have not looked at anyone else's list, so there may be overlap with others. Or not.
  1. He saves us in spite of our lack of merit and our own efforts.
  2. He paid my account in full.
  3. He forgave me, and then said "Go and sin no more" -- and when I continue to sin, he continues to forgive me when I confess and turn away from sin.
  4. He shows the world a better way -- forgiveness instead of revenge; love instead of hate.
  5. He calls us to live in this world, but to behave as citizens of Heaven. (to be sheep, rather than goats)
Kairos got to me just in time, as my next post will make clear -- So I think I will decline to tag anyone else for now.

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