Thursday, June 14, 2007

How Harry Potter really ends. - By Dan Kois - Slate Magazine

How Harry Potter really ends. - By Dan Kois - Slate Magazine:
"Harry walked into the Three Broomsticks and took a seat in a booth near the back. Who were all the people in here tonight? They looked familiar, but Harry didn't know any of them. Was that Dolores Umbridge? No, just some woman in a hideous cardigan.

None of these diners knew yet that Voldemort was dead—not by Harry's hand, but killed instead by Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan, who'd happened upon He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named outside of London. They'd cursed him from behind and watched as the Knight Bus ran over his head with a horrible crunching sound. ..."
OK. Who has too much time on their hands? This guy, who wrote this hilarious parody of an ending for the final Harry Potter Book? Or me for surfing the web and running across this?

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