Friday, June 15, 2007

College of Liberal Arts (UT) - Losing My Faith

College of Liberal Arts (UT( - Losing My Faith:
"AUSTIN, Texas -June 6, 2007- College graduates are more likely to maintain their religious beliefs and practices than those who never attend college, new research at The University of Texas at Austin has found.

The findings are detailed in a study titled 'Losing My Religion' in the June issue of the journal Social Forces.

Researchers found four-year college students and college graduates are the least likely to curb church attendance, to say religion is less important in their lives, or to completely disassociate from religion. Young adults who do not pursue a college degree are the most likely to abandon their faith. ..."
This certainly flies in the face of "conventional wisdom." You can read Losing My Faith in pdf format by clicking the link.

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