Monday, January 16, 2006

Some Abortion Foes Forgo Politics for Quiet Talk - New York Times

Some Abortion Foes Forgo Politics for Quiet Talk - New York Times:
LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The eight women sat in a semicircle facing a wooden cross, reflecting on the abortions they said they had never gotten over.

Though they now opposed abortion, they criticized the demonstrators who protest outside clinics.

"They think they're helping these women," said Mendy Mason, 34, who described being suicidal and depressed after her abortion. For women like her, she said, the demonstrators only inflict more pain.

"The pro-life movement wants to demonize the mother and concentrate on protecting the innocent child," Ms. Mason said. "But you can't rip a baby from a woman's womb without ripping out her heart. My babies are in a much better place than I am."...

This is a rare look at a side of the abortion issue that isn't as well publicized as the more public debates. These women have a great deal to say to both sides, and do it with quiet eloquence.

I hope both extremes in this often ugly debate can listen to these women and realize that (1) for these women, choosing an abortion had real and serious consequences; and (2) that harassing women outside the offices of abortion providers does nothing to improve matters.

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