Friday, January 20, 2006

AP Wire | 01/19/2006 | Religion today

AP Wire | 01/19/2006 | Religion today:
"NEW YORK - Far from home, five American missionaries died in brutal fashion: speared and hacked to death by tribesman in the dense jungles of Ecuador.

That nightmare moment 50 years ago this month evolved into a remarkable example of reconciliation, and one of the most influential incidents in 20th century Protestant mission lore.

Now the saga is being retold in "End of the Spear," a moving feature film about redemption in the jungle with a bigger budget ($17 million) and broader release (in 1,200 commercial cinemas this weekend) than many films of this genre...."

I remember this story from the 1960s, not that long after it happened. It affected me then, and while I have not thought about it in years, it looks like the events of 50 years ago, and the inspiring events that followed, will be before the public again.

Richard Ostling's report is well-written and worth reading in its entirety. I look forward to seeing the film, which is already being shown in Columbia, MO.

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