Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ignorance by design

Holocaust is a religion of Zionism for gentiles: Hoffman:
"...Skepticism is not allowed because the "Holocaust" does not entail the history of World War Two, rather it is a religion, the religion of Judaism for gentiles. To question the details of the gas chambers is to be a "hater" and an "anti-Semite." Historical accounts can be questioned and doubted. Religion cannot be questioned or doubted. The "Holocaust" is a religious cult masquerading as history. It is a means for Judaizing the West...."

I waffled on whether to post this or not.

The Holocaust -- the murder of around 6 million Jews -- is well documented by the perpetrators themselves. When the Allied Forces gained control of the extermination camps, the horrifying results were obvious to even the most casual observer.

This "interview" conducted by an Iranian news outlet consists of softballs pitched to a former newsman who then used them to promote his denial of documented history.

I suppose one can consider the source, and move on, but there is a disturbing trend toward minimizing the historical reality of the attempted extermination of the Jews. Holocaust denial has been around for some time now, but facts simply do not support the notion that it never happened.

True ignorance can be cured by education. Ignorance by choice takes a little more effort. What this former newsman is doing is promoting ignorance by design, and trying to proselytize the people who are truly ignorant of history. I fear this will become easier as those who lived through the events die and are no longer able to speak out.

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