Friday, December 16, 2005

PM - Shock as scientist allegedly confesses to faking research

The following is a transcript of the first few moments of an ABC Australia newscast. Follow the link for the entire report. It appears that the story that aired on NPR's Morning Edition earlier this week is taking on a potentially devastating turn with other researchers being sucked into the web.

PM - Shock as scientist allegedly confesses to faking research:
"MARK COLVIN: The world of genetic science is in shock after a highly regarded South Korean researcher allegedly admitted to colleagues that he faked results on a key stem cell study.

Pictures of Dr Hwang Woo-suk with his genetically engineered dog Snuppy were flashed around the world earlier this year.

In South Korea, which has been positioning itself as a hub for biotechnology, he's been hailed as a hero.

But after Dr Hwang reportedly told colleagues that he'd fabricated earlier research into "tailor-made" human stem cells, biotech stocks in Seoul plunged and the South Korean President immediately called an emergency cabinet meeting...."

I'll await further word before I consider making any more comments.

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