Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Belief in the balance

Belief in the balance:

"Tom Phillips is a cell biologist. So when his 3-year-old son developed a life-threatening case of pneumonia, he knew exactly what was happening inside the boy's body. He had an intimate understanding of how antibiotics would attack the bacteria trying to kill his child. But that was hardly comforting.

"I wasn't thinking about the medicines that were going to save his life," Phillips said. "I was saying prayers."

Like many Americans, Phillips, a practicing Catholic and biology professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia, only feels complete with a life that allows room for both science and faith. He sees no need to reconcile his knowledge and his belief...."

This is a local story to Columbia MO, so it is unlikely that readers outside the Mid-Missouri area have seen it.

This is one of the most balanced pieces I have read on the topic of science and religion and has none of the vitriol and little of the condescension that often characterizes discussion of the relationship between theory and theology.


Michael W. Kruse said...

Thanks for the link. Consider it stolen. **grin**

Denis Hancock said...

That was the point. Occaisionally a local newspaper has more to say than the national media.