Thursday, December 08, 2005

Iraq peacemakers await word on hostages' fate

Iraq peacemakers await word on hostages' fate:
"LOUISVILLE — As the Christian Peacemaking Team (CPT) in Baghdad awaits news about the release — or executions — of four of its team members held hostage for 11 days, former team members in the United States are reflecting on what it means to love one’s enemy.

Even if it kills you...."

An Associated Press update from yesterday reported the deadline, originally today, had been extended to Saturday. The situation is still very tense, with a video being broadcast of one of the hostages pleading for his life.

I know of no one who fails to see this as a barbaric and unwarranted act, and most people are bewildered as to just what is going through the minds of the captors. In this PNS article a Presbyterian member of the Baghdad CPT team said "When we learned of the demands, we were fairly astonished. Our work is working with detainees and advocating (for) detainees … with human-rights organizations."

The problem is that logic appears to play little role in the violence perpetrated upon people who otherwise are opposed to the war in Iraq. CPT has issued a statement condemning the "our own governments" for their actions in Iraq, and asking for the release of the hostages.

This CPT statement may work, but I am not hopeful. The terrorists have killed at least one humanitarian worker in the past. The four CPT hostages are in God's hands, and prayers are their hope -- prayers not only for them, but for all the parties involved in the continuing situation in Iraq.

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