Monday, September 12, 2005

PFR Wee Kirk Katrina Relief Plan

PFR Wee Kirk Katrina Relief Plan:
"...As the needs of many cry out to us, we have a special and urgent opportunity to be brothers and sisters to our fellow Presbyterian wee-kirkers in need. There are 107 small Presbyterian churches (less than 200 members) in the three presbyteries most affected by Hurricane Katrina (South Louisiana, Mississippi, South Alabama). A list of these churches accompanies this letter. These churches and those to whom they minister need our help!..."
In Missouri Union Presbytery we have a number of "Wee Kirks", and many (like the church where I am a member) that are bordering on being Wee Kirks. I hope these congregations can reconnect and engage in mutual support, with the support of all of us.

See the PC(USA) web page on Katrina for more information on how congregations can reconnect.

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